About TransAct

Company Position: Counsel Companies to Promote CSR/ESG

Company Mission: Help Enterprises to Enhance Sustainable Influence

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TransAct CSR 4.0 Business Model: Integrating AI systems enables companies to condense their strategies easier and solve problems related to supply chains, capital markets, consumer markets, and industrial growth and internationality development. TransAct provides customized enterprise creation/innovation/creative business model and sustainable application practice to implement the business policy and plans CSR short, medium and long-term specific sustainability strategies.

TransAct's CSR Practiacal Business Model Strategy.

“Net Zero”, the gap between 51 billion and zero. If you don’t promote CSR/SDGs/ESG, you may not get orders. The SESP methodology summarized by the O2O2O information platform of TransAct Innovation Service has clear and detailed steps, closely linked logic and procedures. It not only focuses on the non-greenwashing and practical process, but also has a clear method that meets various indicators and focuses on results, in order to develop priority recommendations for the promotion of business sustainability and produce complete CSR report.


Happy Enterprise

Certified as “Happy Enterprise” in July, 2020.                            

We believe that it can bring better development to employees and enhance the competitiveness of the company.


Business Strategy

The business strategy is used to enhance the practical participation of the country, SMEs and non-profit organizations in CSR-SDGs, follow the GRI standards to focus on post-pandemic economic business model of ESG, provide 18 indicators to implement SFDR, promote the market target from not knowing CSR to drafting TCFD disclosure, construct plans that belong to the competitive value of the industrial DNA. 

Moreover, the O2O2O information platform is built to promote CSR by using SESP methodology to automatically guide the enterprise step by step and formulate the enterprise promotion strategy comprehensively with the information system. It can provide complete services with both breadth and depth and transform sustainability into business opportunities with digital technology.


Business Policy

Promoting CSR with this policy can let SMEs inventory their lack of CSR to construct their operating policy, which is both profitable and charitable, through education and training. In response to OECD's goal of achieving carbon neutrality in 2021, major manufacturers have asked SMEs to meet international requirements to get orders. This is a survival issue for Taiwan's SMEs. By completely implement CSR practices of the TransAct digital platform, you can check SDGs performance, establish business models for CSR practices, make good use of digital technology to optimize and further transform operations, quickly remove barriers during strategic operations of government agencies and SMEs, smartly and efficiently bring more global decision information and reconstruct company value to show a new look with digitization and finally create diverse business opportunities for international cooperation.



Become a model institution in Asia that integrates CSR into the DNA of SMEs and accompanies them to implement.



Strengthen the promotion of enterprises implementing digital CSR and create a sustainable economic peak while enhancing Taiwan's international image.


Training Policy


Make good use of resources to promote CSR.


O Implement SDG indicators to win business opportunities and turns.


O Use digital technology to provide CSR competitiveness.